A look inside a private jet with an ‘invisible ceiling’

This concept Airbus A330 features see-through floors and slide-out verandahs.

invisible ceiling – Private jets’ custom interiors often rival first-class experiences, but few airlines beyond the Gulf carriers offer a superior inflight experience to those of Gulf carriers. With the freedom and flexibility to fly whenever and wherever the mood takes them, your only limit is the size of your wallet. Jacques Pierrejean, the architect of the stunning Singapore Airlines First Class concept, designed the grand A220 layout, which features a Parisian penthouse in the sky. But neither can match the groundbreaking Explorer VIP aircraft from German company Lufthansa Technik.

At the Monaco Yacht Show in September, the concept, called EXPLORER, was introduced. Taking inspiration from the freedom and security superyacht owners enjoy, the team took the concept to new heights.

Its goal is to take all of the benefits of owning a superyacht, such as the ability to land any place at any time and the ability to stay at the destination and make them available to you on an airplane. Originally posted on